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Snyder Motorsports BAE Engine Specs
477CI – Legal Roots Blown Pro Mod

Block                      BAE, Short Deck, 2.600 Spread, Billet (2823)
Heads                     BAE Custom, VED Push Rod Tubes
Manifold                 Noonan Billet EFI
Cam                        65mm, Lift I .500 E .500
Fire Order               1 8 7 2 6 5 4 3  WILD FIRE
Lifter                       .937 Jesel, Keyed
Push Rod                Manton, I 10.820 E 11.740
Crank                      Bryant 3.750, RCD Spline, 2682
Piston                     JE SMS4-5, 4.500
Rod                         R&R 6.950, 125 Torque
Rings                      AC .017, HT Oil, BW 2nd
Wrist Pin                 Trend, 3.400, 285g
Rocker Arms          T&D, I 1.80 E 1.65, +.050 Intake
Springs                   PSI D142X-60, I .060 E .030
Valves                     CV 2.400 1.900, SMS Locks, CV Retainer
Head Gaskets         Flatout 9995 .064
Specifications        11.75 to 1, 477CI

Please call Mick Snyder at 219-987-2921 or email us if you are interested or have any questions.

This item is listed as used or available at clearance pricing. A large majority of EliteHP’s inventory has been compiled from our own in-house pro race teams or from our customer’s high-level racing operations. We make an effort to inspect all parts and pieces for quality and send most electronics to the original manufacturer for testing. Engines, transmissions, torque converters, while sometimes available in like-new condition, are listed with the most thorough specifications possible. Please view all images to verify the item’s conditions and remember that all items are sold “as is” without warranty.


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