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Loganbuilt has developed and manufactured the first ever SFI certified 30.1 flexplate shield for diesel racing transmissions. SFI flexplate shields are a safety feature required by the NHRA for any vehicles running quicker than 6.40 ET in the eighth mile, or 10.00 ET in the quarter mile. Flexplate shield requirements have been in place for years but they have been ignored in 47/48RE transmissions. Virtually every Cummins-powered truck on the dragstrip is backed by one of these 47/48RE transmissions and there are quite a bit of competitors surpassing that 6.40/10.00 range. These are the most popularly used transmissions in the diesel racing industry because they are what came in Dodge trucks behind the Cummins engine from 1994-2007. Surprisingly, it also is not uncommon to find the 47/48RE transmission mated to a Power Stroke or Duramax engine in a drag racing application.

To install the flexplate shield, all that is required is the removal of the transmission dipstick and the top four transmission bell housing bolts. The shield will then fit into place and then hardware that was removed can be put back into place. Neither the engine nor transmission has to be loosened or moved.

  • Made in the USA
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • SFI Tested & 30.1 Certified


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