Magna Fuel Fuel Pressure Regulator

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MagnaFuel EFI Regulators provide the most stable platform for fuel delivery available on the market today. They maintain steady fuel flow during times of sudden changes in fuel demand, such as initial launch, gear change and nitrous oxide application. MagnaFuel Regulators are compatible with racing gasoline and alcohol fuels while also being completely rebuildable and user-serviceable. These EFI Regulators and fittings are machined from aircraft quality aluminum and feature an anodized finish for superior durability.

Features & Specs:

Designed for use with MagnaFuel EFI gear pumps
Compatible with alcohol and gasoline racing fuel
The most stable platform for fuel delivery
Maintains steady flow even when fuel demands change suddenly
2 or 4-port configuration
Anodized, machined billet aluminum
Double reverse-wound springs
Nitrile-infused fabric diaphragm
Each regulator has 1/8 in. NPT gauge port, standard filtered vent fitting, or boost reference fitting
Boost Reference models have 1:1 compensation ratio


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