MSD Programmable Boost Launch Controller

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MSD Part #:7562

The MSD Programmable Launch Boost Controller allows you to program a boost pressure map from the launch through a complete run from 12.5-100 seconds. You can also program a boost limit during the burnout and record from 20-160 seconds of data including engine rpm, map pressure, Boost Curve Pressure, Barometric Pressure, PWM output, and the Launch and Overboost input wires. This information can be saved and reviewed in the Launch History window of the MSD software.

All of the programming features can be set with the MSD Pro-Data+ software. This software is for PCs running Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, XP or ME. All of the parameters can be saved in the PC, then uploaded to the Controller. A Hand-Held Programmer/Monitor (121-7550) is sold separately. This unit has an LCD display that will walk through the programming menus for programming without a PC.

Complete turbo boost pressure control during launch through advanced programming
Boost pressure curve mapping from a PC
Ideal to control boost pressures during the holeshot to aid in getting the tires hooked
Program boost pressure usage during a burnout
Record & review 20 seconds of pressure and rpm information


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