Turbosmart Wastegate 10PSI Spring

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Part Num.:TS-0502-2004

Turbosmart Power-Gate60 (60mm) External Wastegate. With a superior flow path and high temperature resistance the Power-Gate60 is a market leader in its sector, outperforming all similarly sized wastegates. The shielded diaphragm housing ensures excellent heat handling capabilities. Features Solid one-piece Coated Stainless Steel Valve and the flexibility of a range of setups (5 psi to 33 psi) base pressure.
Supplied With: Inlet and Outlet Stainless Weld Flanges, Inlet and Outlet V-Band Clamps, Valve Seat, 1/8'' NPT Hose Barbs (7mm), 1/8'' NPT Port Blanking Plugs, Black/White 7 psi Inner Spring (installed) and Black/Blue 10 psi Middle Spring (spare in box).

The most common reason for investing in an external wastegate is fitting an after-market turbo or better control of the boost and consequently the power output of your engine. Additionally, most large frame turbochargers are not equipped with internal wastegate systems. Most tuners will recommend an external wastegate for any engine producing 400hp or more, as running high boost through a factory internal wastegate can overpower the actuator spring, limiting maximum boost level. Aftermarket external wastegates feature bigger inlet and outlet ports, higher pressure springs and bigger actuator diaphragms to effectively control high boost pressure. They are designed and manufactured using the latest technologies.

60mm Valve Size
V-Band Clamp Mounting System to Suit 2-1/2'' O.D. Pipe
Suitable for extreme performance turbocharged engines


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